SourzNFT Candies Are Moonbound!

SOURz are a collection of tart candy that you can mint as NFTs.

Mint price is 0.05 ETH
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SourzNFT may appear to solely function as a fun, imaginary NFT collection but it's much, much more. Sour allows users to earn $SWEET tokens (that are openly traded) via a yield that is based on the rarity of any given candy NFT - allowing community members to both collect and earn; some are able to yield 64,500 $SWEET per day! If that sounds interesting, join us! Come obtain fun friends, enter exciting zones indescribably lush. Lookout adventurer!


Each Sour is unique. Find the rarest ones among 10,000 possible combinations.

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    20% – Rare
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    5% – Epic
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    1% – Legendary

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Dillon danis

Legendary NFTs!

Some Sourz are Legendary! We call this our "SourzNFT Candies are Moonbound" Collection Find the rarest ones! 

  • Coffeezilla sour candy themed nft 2d beautiful pastel colors wi 390d5e15 9762 4763 8d8e e0bd1b511644
    Captain's Ship
  • Cotton candy fighter
    Cotton Candy Fighter
  • Candytiger
    Tiger Candy


You ask – we tell.